About Us

Coastal Automation Services, Inc. provides efficient and highly competent skilled employees to compliment any staff.

CAS’s management team has a combined total of 100 plus years of service in the petrochemical industry. Some of the major projects worked on include Low Sulfur Mo gas, Coker Safety Project, Cogen Regeneration unit, Flare Gas Project, Honeywell TDC2000 to TDC3000 Conversions and Honeywell TDC3000 to C300 Conversions, Aspen Tech DMC work, and Implementation of Foxboro I/A system. CAS provides trained personnel to meet the technical needs of industry from short term contracts to long term contracts.

• Engineering & Design – I/E, Control Systems, Mechanical/Piping,Civil/Structural
• Process Engineering / Simulation / Process Optimization
• DCS Technicians projects / maintenance
• PLC Technicians projects / maintenance
• Computer IT Technicians
• Computer Drafting
• Planning & Scheduling
• Pre-commissioning
• QA /QC Inspection
• Procedure Writing

•Procurement / Expediting
•Construction Management
•Construction Alliances for E/I, Piping/Mechanical and Civil/Structural

We believe that the safety of employees is of the utmost importance along with quality, production, and cost control. Maintenance and safe operating procedures have been at all times of greatest importance in terms of both human and monetary value. The following principles support this philosophy: • All injuries and accidents are preventable through establishment and compliance with safe work procedures.

• The prevention of bodily injury and safeguarding of health are the first considerations in workplace actions and are the responsibility of every employee at every level.

Our stated goal is “0” incidents. Every single person receives monthly safety awareness training. Personnel traveling to work sites receive additional specific training and certification, where needed.